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When you have a large project like land or lot clearing, or are preparing a site for a basement, call Antlers Well Drilling. We have the equipment needed to take on every excavation job across the Bemidji region. Excavating projects take skill, experience, and heavy equipment. Not just anyone has the right equipment to complete your project. At Antlers Well Drilling, we have a fleet of excavating equipment to get the job done quickly and correctly. Plus, we have the skilled operators to complete the project to your specifications.

If you have an untouched piece of property that you want to turn into your dream home or business, we can help you with many aspects of the process. The first step is clearing the lot. We will make quick work of clearing trees and shrubs, so construction can get underway. Lot clearing also includes stump removal.

Driveway Excavating by Antlers Well Drilling

Driveway Building

Don’t forget an important feature for your new property: a driveway. Once the lot is clear, we can help you carve out a new driveway by excavating the topsoil and ensuring the ground is level for smooth driving.


Basement Digging

Do you need a basement in your home? Many people decide to build a basement into their home for the added space and for safety during storms. Removing enough dirt to create a basement is a big task, but we have the tools to tackle any sized basement.

ditch digging and excavating by antlers well drilling

Ditch Digging

Ditches are great for water drainage along roads or fields. Without the right equipment and knowledge, digging ditches can be tedious work. There’s no need to sweat hard over a ditch. Leave the back-breaking work to us, and we’ll make the job a snap.

Lot clearning completed by Antler's Well Drilling

Lot Clearing

Log clearing is a huge part of creating your new home's foundation. We also clear lots from old, run down buildings with experienced staff and the right equipment.

Excavating Services

Lot Clearing • Driveway Building • Basement Digging • Stump Removal • Ditch Digging